• Anonymous, Paparangi

    Great idea to have a bigger library in Johnsonville, we need it. However the design seems to be forgetting the whole point of a library - books! It might be 3 times bigger but there certainly won't be 3 times more books. It's also a shame to see that there aren't plenty of computers. I would have thought a space for people to use the internet, research online and also to use their own laptops would be vital to this library's success. Nice to see a big kids area. I don't understand why the library needs a café, there are plenty already in Johnsonville, unless this is to tempt people who currently don't use the library into using it?!?!
    I don't understand why you're trying to include a kindy in the design - what does this have to do with a library? Is it just that you want to take the space away from the kindy? If so, leave the poor kids alone, or just take the space and let them find somewhere else, don't try to do both.
    My biggest concern is the lack of parking. From what I can tell most of the carparking the swimming pool currently has will be lost and there will be insufficient parking for either the library or the swimming pool. It's hard enough to park near the library or the pool already without them being next to each other with reduced parking. With kids in tow, in winter especially, this would really put me off using this facility.