The Council first identified the need to redevelop the Johnsonville Library in the Community Facilities Policy 2010.  This policy included a substantial consultation process.

The Council commissioned a site and feasibility study from CCM Architects in 2011 (90KB PDF), which was reported to the Strategy and Policy Committee in November 2011.

The Committee’s consideration of the CCM Architect’s reported  triggered a specific consultation and community engagement exercise which ran from December 2011 to February 2012. 

Council officers reported the results from the consultation, together with full costings, and economic analysis, to the Strategy and Policy Committee in March 2012 as part of the deliberations on the content of the draft Long Term Plan 2012-22. The summary report can be found at Appendix 10 (pages 45-49): 2012-22 Draft Long-term Plan: Key Issues for Consideration (1.3MB PDF)

The report outlined strong community support for the proposal and that the greatest community concern was around the adequacy of car parking.  The proposal at the time was to address car parking concerns by incorporating a two-storey car parking building as part of the development.

We consulted on the proposal to include funding for the Johnsonville Library Development, and specifically the costs and concept developed by CCM Architects, as part of the draft Long Term Plan 2012-22 (Social and Recreation -page 9) (925KB PDF)

We also consulted on a proposal to bring forward $250,000 of the funding to begin initial design work as part of the social and recreation key projects in the draft 2014/15 Annual Plan.

Finally, the Council consulted in the draft Long Term Plan 2015-25: Johnsonville - Our 10-year Plan on whether to keep the funding.