Traffic resolution TR 160-17

This traffic resolution took on board the comments received from early engagement on parking issues with the result that the proposed time limits have been set at P180 rather than the present P120. This is to allow some flexibility for users of the facilities and activities that take longer than 2 hours. It will also go some way to accommodating volunteers that serve at the Community Centre. 

Present parking arrangements informally allow for the pickup and set down of school children catching buses in the area. This will be an ongoing activity and will be accommodated by providing some P15 parking on Wanaka Street. With public transport changes to bus services from mid-2018, the provision of these spaces together with any changes for bus services, will be monitored and changes promoted as appropriate

The proposed parking changes will be monitored to assess the effect on parking around St Brigid’s school and the effect on residents from all day parkers moving further out into residential streets.

Proposals to create additional car parking in Johnsonville will continue to be explored but in the meantime the changes proposed above will address short term parking demands around the Community Hub.

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