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Car parking around the Community Hub is being affected by a range of factors

The loss of car parks due to construction and road improvements

When construction of the new library starts, there will be a permanent loss of 23 off-street car parks next to Johnsonville Community Centre and six on-street car parks on Moorefield Road.

Public transport changes by mid-2018 will have a range of impacts on Moorefield Road car parks. These changes will ultimately mean the loss of all parking on Moorefield Road, including the last four spaces set aside for pool and community centre users.

As well as these public transport changes, the development of Johnsonville Mall will require improvements to Moorefield Road to provide access into the Mall, better walking and cycling facilities, and a signalised intersection that allows people to cross to the Johnsonville Shopping Centre. The public transport changes will also create a main bus stop and connection point outside the new library once it is completed.

Increased demand due to people visiting the new Community Hub

When the library opens in 2019, we expect this will generate a need for even more parking in the area so we’re constructing 26 new off-street car parks  during development.

Our analysis also shows that we need another 30 or so short stay car parking spaces to serve the Community Hub.

We want your feedback on our proposed solution

1. Putting time restrictions on some on-street car parks

At the start of construction we will need 29 short-stay spaces to be provided on-street to replace lost car parking for Community Hub visitors. By mid-2018 public transport changes may take another four parking spaces provided for pool and community centre users. These users of community facilities will, on average, need car parks for up to 90 minutes. To meet this demand, we propose restricting 33 on-street car parks in the surrounding streets to P180:

  • 18 on Wanaka Street
  • 7 on Frankmoore Avenue
  • 8 on Dr Taylor Terrace

This will mean people parking all day will need to park further away from the Community Hub, but there are enough car parks available in surrounding residential streets for this to be possible.

We envisage these restrictions remaining in place following completion of the Library to meet the anticipated short fall of car parks for Community Hub users. At the same time any unrestricted spaces beside the Community Centre will also be time restricted so that they are available to users of the facilities.

2. Making some streets one-way with angled car parking

In the future there is an option to  create 30 more car parks in the streets surrounding the Community Hub if they are made one-way. The streets affected would be:

  • Wanaka Street
  • Frankmoore Avenue
  • Dr Taylor Terrace.

By making these streets one-way around the Community Hub we can turn parallel car parks into angle car parks. The one-way system could operate by allowing traffic to enter westbound on Frankmoore Avenue to Dr Taylor Terrace, southbound on Dr Taylor Terrace to Wanaka Street and eastbound on Wanaka Street to Moorefield Road.

3. Improving commuter parking

We could also create more parking in the wider Johnsonville area by creating angle car parks in places like Ironside Road and Bannister Avenue. This would help make space for both commuters and residents.

Longer-term, 200 car parks will be created as part of the development of the Mall. This will mainly be used by commuters (especially people catching the train) and the general public. Increasing the number of Park & Ride car parks at Takapu Road and Raroa railway stations would also mean fewer people parking in Johnsonville; however, this would require substantial investment.

When changes to car parks would happen

 2017 – Library construction begins 29 spaces lost, 33 on-street spaces time-restricted created
Mid-2018 – Road improvements 4 spaces lost
 2019 – Library opens 26 off-street spaces created
Medium-term - Introduce one-way system around Community Hub 30 angle spaces on Wanaka St, Dr Taylor Tce, and Frankmoore Ave
Medium-term - Create parking on berms  50 plus spaces constructed in parking bays on berms such as in Bannister Avenue and Ironside Road
Long-term - Create Park & Ride spaces 100 plus spaces at Raroa and Takapu stations 
Long-term - Create additional parking  Construct 200 spaces as part of Mall development

What you think

66% Feedback received that supports our parking proposals

113 Number of times people have told us what they think

How would you most often travel to the new community hub?

64% Car
23% Walking
5% Cycling
4% Bus
3% Train
  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Train
  • Car
  • Bus

Which of these facilities would you consider using while visiting the community hub?

44% Shopping Mall
26% Keith Spry Pool
17% Memorial Park
12% Community Centre
  • Community Centre
  • Keith Spry Pool
  • Shopping Mall
  • Memorial Park
  • Other