Facts & Figures

  • 3floors

  • 30basement car parks spaces

  • $16.35mcost

  • May 2018scheduled date for completion


  • Fits within the $16.5m budget (indicative cost is $16.35m) with the build able to be finished on schedule in May 2018.
  • Meets facility size requirements, with a total floor space of 1825m2.
  • Includes a joint foyer with the pool, achieving some of our aims to create a connected hub of facilities.


  • The three-floor design reduces the flexibility of the library space.
  • Awkward access to Memorial Park, meaning broader urban design and Town Centre goals are not fully met.
  • Poor connection with the western boundary of the site and a limited vista.
  • Site restrictions reduce the amount of green space available.

Flyover and plans

Option A
opta site plan
Site plan
opta aerial from south
Aerial view from the south
opta planning envelope study
Planning envelope study
opta wanaka st entry
Entry from Wanaka Street
opta memorial park entry
Entry from Memorial Park
opta moorefield rd entry
Entry from Moorefield Road
Options A and B - Full Set of Plans PDF 1.3MB

Which design option do you prefer?

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18% Option A
6% Neither
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