Feedback summary

We received feedback from 125 people on the concept design, which included looking at two design options – Option A to stay within the original site and Option B to expand onto Johnsonville Kindergarten site. 

Option B (which is close to what we have used for the developed design stage) was by far the most well-supported option with 75% of the people indicating that it was their preferred option.

The feedback showed this design as a more forward-thinking design and use of the space was more cohesive with the existing landscape. It created more of a Hub. People:

  • felt that being just two floors meant it was less “imposing”
  • were excited by the courtyard/ green space
  • were concerned about weather protection, shelter over the walkways and entrance points
  • wanted more greenery and soundproofing
  • felt that Makerspace would be an important feature.

46% who liked Option B indicated they would drive their car to the library, but many indicated they would use a wider range of transport options. This was also a younger demographic.

Interestingly, those who liked either option voiced their concern over an outdoor space for the kindergarten - this has been achieved in the latest designs.

Feedback Summary on the Concept Designs (141KB PDF) | Text version (638KB RTF)

What we proposed earlier ...

The team at Athfield Architects have listened to your ideas about the preconcept designs, and been busy designing a community hub that reflects this distinctly Johnsonville vision.

We have heard your support for the connection of different community spaces, along with your enthusiasm for a larger, modernised building.

We understand your desire to retain a traditional focus on books and reading, and are also excited about the opportunities that new technology can bring.

We have clearly heard your concerns regarding parking and accessibility, and understand the need to ensure the new library caters for all local residents.

Overall, we have heard that this new facility must provide a space for individuals and whānau to gather and interact. It should be a meeting place for the community, and provide a new heart for the Johnsonville area.

We hope that our proposed designs pick-up on your aspirations for the building. We have developed two possible options:

Option A

Option B

Which design option do you prefer?

74% Option B
18% Option A
6% Neither
  • Option A
  • Option B
  • Neither