Facts & Figures

  • 2floors

  • 26car parks on site

  • $22.5mbudget

  • 50seats in the café

  • 40,000items in the collection

  • Late 2019planned completion

Summary of Feedback on Library Use and Space (Developed Designs) PDF 214KB Text version RTF 634KB

The new library spans 2 floors. It is built next to Johnsonville Community Centre, joined with Keith Spry Pool, and includes the Johnsonville Kindergarten on the top floor. 

The overall design strategy is to create loosely defined zones for distinct library activities or user groups.  The new library will be much larger than the current Johnsonville Library and is intended to attract users throughout the northern suburbs.  These zones are:

  • Welcome - located at lower and upper ground entries and includes staff check information points, self-checks, and display shelving.
  • Café and courtyard – the café is an enclosed and open area. It is located next to the courtyard on the western edge of the upper ground level with an outlook towards to Memorial Park, and with direct access to courtyard, link space and the library. It is a 50-seat facility, with a dedicated commercial grade kitchen.
  • Children’s – an open area located at the buildings southern end. It includes a performance space for children’s library activities. It is close to the parents’ room and toilets.
  • Young people – on the lower level with an outlook towards the shopping centre and train station. It connects with a terraced space that can be utilised for performance, small rehearsal, group work or informal reading. It is close to the Makerspace area and meeting rooms.
  • Makerspace – an enclosed area on the ground level with the aim of providing flexible use space for hi-tech and low-fi creative activities, wet and dry media, projection space, power/data for computer/fabrication equipment and storage.  The space is acoustically isolated from the main library spaces, and includes a nearby sound booth, which is also acoustically treated.
  • Meeting - located at lower ground, these are a set of acoustically isolated and technology-enabled spaces suitable for training, meeting, and group study that can be configured into smaller spaces or one large meeting/training room (up to 20 people) through the use of acoustic operable walls.
  • General reading areas – these are open areas primarily located at edges on the lower and upper ground levels.  These areas have good access to views, natural light, and power and include a range of furniture types to allow for individual or group reading/discussion.

Toilets will be on all levels. They will all be unisex with individual hand basin and hand-drying facilities.  There will also be an accessible toilet on each floor. 

We'll also have drinking fountains on each floor.


Developed Designs Plan Set PDF 818KB

Fly-over video of exterior plans