We'll secure the construction zones at all times for both protection of property, members of the public, and Kindergarten staff and students – to ensure safety at all times. 


The main contractor will set up two site access gates to the site area for all vehicular traffic including the delivery of all construction materials, cranes and skips on Moorefield Road. This will promote safe vehicle movement in and around the Kindergarten and on the busy existing road network. The site access gates will have secure locking.

A full-time guard at the gate will be in place for throughout the construction project to prevent unauthorised entry to the site and to coordinate all deliveries, including acting as a spotter during deliveries.


The existing kindergarten will remain in place during most of the work on this new build.  The new library will be built in two stages:

  1. the new library, pool reception and kindergarten
  2. the courtyard, car park and connection into Memorial Park

Safety of the staff and students is paramount so there will be measures in place to minimise and manage noise and dust.


We'll typically carry out the construction work between 7.30am and 6pm Monday to Friday. Hours of work may need to be agreed with the kindergarten to complete disruptive / noisy construction works outside of these hours and over the weekends as needed.

We'll be using the following management techniques to prevent disruption from noise:

  • Site managers will:
    • measure and monitor noise on a daily basis using noise meters to make sure rules are being adhered to.
    • hold weekly “look ahead” meetings with sub-contractors to identify potential noisy works and ways to minimise them
    • when an activity is deemed too noisy, schedule the activity into out-of-hours work
  • Site managers will also hold regular tool-box talks with site operatives to apply a process of:
    • Stop, Think – through the task ahead
    • Communicate – with the managements team
    • Agree – timing of the work
    • Monitor – to ensure compliance with allowable noise levels.


Contractors will make sure that dust control measures are used. These will include using:

  • modern cutting, grinding and drilling equipment with current test certificates
  • vacuum systems during any task known to generate excessive dust.

The contractors will also identify, protect, cover or temporarily relocate any services or equipment that are sensitive to dust or where there is risk of contamination.

Pool and Community Centre works

The Keith Spry Pool and Johnsonville Community Centre will be operating as usual through most of the project. The lane between the Keith Spry Pool and Johnsonville Community Centre will be closed for 2 months while we demolish the Teen room on the Johnsonville Community Centre, then it will  be open throughout the rest of the project.

We are preparing a site logistics /management plan so all facilities servicing, deliveries etc are coordinated to minimise disruption.

The southern elevation of the Johnsonville Community Centre will be demolished as part of work needing to be done before the site can be set up for construction, so that vehicular access is kept.

As part of the new pool reception works, there'll be a new opening to the southern end of the pool, to connect into the Link space and Library. Hoardings will be put up within the pool area to separate the works from the pool operations and to keep it safe for pool users.