This website was created to help Wellingtonians give feedback on Wellington City Council's plans for building the new Johnsonville Library. It has given people the chance to easily engage in this consultation and provided transparency with instant feedback to see what has been said.



We are using all of our digital channels to reach as many people as we can, and gather as much feedback as possible. The more people that engage, the better informed we’ll be.

Who made this website?

This website was created in 3 weeks by the Council’s Digital Team, in partnership with local digital agency Plastic Studio. This website reuses the base technology that Council invested in during the creation of the website in 2014 and again in (both in partnership with local award-winning design agency DNA).


The content management system (CMS) that this website is built on is Silverstripe (version 3.1). This is the same CMS recommended and used by the Government’s Common Web Platform (CWP). This consultation platform has been made available to all on GitHub for anyone to use.

The informal feedback forms were created using Typeform. Google Maps was used for the feedback map, and chart.js is used to create the pie charts. All of these products and services were integrated into Silverstripe using various APIs.

After the consultation periods end, we hope to release the data captured by Typeform so that others can analyse it and draw their own conclusions.


If you have any questions or feedback about this website, or suggestions for improvement, please email

All feedback and data captured on this website is available to the public and elected officials in line with our standard privacy policy